Are you ready to embrace a healthier version of you by resetting your nervous system?

Learn how to rewire your brain-body connections to restore your life to it’s fullest and start living the best version of you.

Reset Rewire Restore programs facilitate neurological, physiological and emotional repair to balance the Autonomic Nervous System.

You have decided you are ready to let your nervous system recover from the past and current stressors and trauma. You are ready to embrace feeling ready for each day, engaged, vibrant and feeling able. You want to find out what’s missing for your family to enjoy all the moments you have together. YOU are in the right place.

Reset Rewire Restore’s Autonomic Protocol is a collaborative program that utilizes:  

  • Photobiomodulation, which is the use of color filters and natural light
  • Vision therapy
  • Core activities
  • Yoga postures
  • Breath work
  • Polyvagal activities
  • Mindful meditation 


The purpose of which is to reset, rewire, and restore a person’s neurological balance, enabling them to successfully navigate life’s daily challenges. 

Results seen from working with us:

Improved Sleep Quality

Reduction Of Unwanted Neurological & Behavioral Symptoms

Increased Joy

Additional Tools For Relaxation & Body Balance

Improved Memory & Focus

Improved Digestion

Decreased Stress & Anxiety

Decreased Anger

Improved Emotional Regulation

Improved Energy For Daily Tasks

Improved Flexibility