Meet the Team

Dr. Pauline Buck

Dr. Buck grew up on Miami Beach and attended Biscayne Point Elementary School and Graduated high school from Miami Country Day School. She became a Florida Gator studying Zoology and Genetics to complete her pre-optometry requirements. She then received doctorate from the New England College of Optometry.

She had practiced general optometry with a preference for basic pediatric care for years until parenthood led down a road less taken. She came to the realization that ability or disability in the classroom setting was directly affected not only by eyesight but eye function.

She then joined the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) worked and learned for five years to achieve status of Fellow of the COVD. She now practices functional optometry and neuro-development with emphasis on primitive reflexes and movement of the body.

Practiced Behavioral, Developmental, Neuro-rehabilitative Optometry
Began to recognize that the mind and especially the traumatized mind had an influence on the visual system and vice versa.

Dr. Buck formed a collaborative group to address issues of stress, anxiety, and trauma in the community.

As an adjunct professor overseeing 1st year externs from the FIU OT program, she also lectures to students, parents, educators and other Doctors in many fields about the profound changes through Vision Therapy. She is a founding member of Reset Rewire Restore, LLC, the first collaboration of professionals coming together to find the root cause of dysfunction in the body, brain, and neuro-emotional components of patients world-wide. She has created many programs that have changed the lives of her patients and families.

And here we are today.
Welcome to my world.

Tiffany Zakka

Tiffany Zakka Making Connections & Delivering Results to harness the power within.

I have extensive experience working with hundreds of children who struggle in school, are looking to improve efficient movement patterns for sports and/or struggle with sensory processing disorders, autism, ADHD, ADHD-like symptoms and other behavioral issues.

The goal is to empower individuals to become independent learners to release them from long term co-dependence on continuous therapies.

When I began to integrate wellness, strength-based movements and yoga
principles into my sessions, the changes became evident. Working with individuals to help them master their minds and bodies, helps them realize their own potential. And when that happens, it’s transformative.

They are no longer feeling helpless, frustrated, isolated and alone. They are no longer
holding back rather they become more aware of themselves and how they fit in to their environment. Only through feeling, seeing and doing can we truly discover and learn what we are capable of accomplishing.

Through her love of yoga, barre and mat Pilates she has fused these concepts to found and create Sweat Move Yoga (SWOGA), Kidnetics and is the Co-Founder of Reset Rewire Restore. Through her wellness programs her goal is to continue sharing her knowledge to make a positive impact on her community.

Loves exercising, yoga, reading and healthy lifestyles.