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Are you feeling overwhelmed and lost with all the information from books and google?

Let us help you guide your journey to more joy and fulfillment in your daily life, relationships and for your family and loved ones.

Our Services

The Autonomic Protocol for teens and adults and the Kids AP for the younger individuals are the primary programs offered.  The programs are the brainchild of collaborating specialists,  Tiffany Zakka, a yogi and Licensed Occupational Therapist, and Dr. Pauline Buck, a Neurodevelopmental Optometrist. These programs integrate elements of Syntonics, Acupressure, Stretching, Breathing, Movement, Yoga, and Meditation, to create Autonomic Nervous System Balance throughout the entire body

We have monthly information sessions scheduled on Eventbrite.  These are  30 minute live PowerPoint presentations with Q&A at the end.

One on One Sessions

An individualized program for One on One sessions will be administered by one of our guided facilitators to help an individual calm their mind, and restore their nervous system.

ON Signing up the Program begins with a deep dive to understand your energy levels, your environment, and your goals for the program.


Group sessions will begin with a group meetup online to make sure each individual has what they need to be successful in the program.

Group dates will be announced for time to sign up.
All sessions are paid in advance to secure your time and days.